State simbols

State simbols

State symbols of the Republic of Lithuania are: the Flag, the Emblem and the National Anthem. 

The Flag

There are three colors on the Flag.

Yellow - the color of the sun is a symbol of prosperity, honesty, generosity and greatness of spirit.

Green - the color of life. It brings hope, joy, freedom and recalls the natural beauty of nature.

Red - the color of blood and native land. It symbolizes love, courage, bravery, and the blood that was shed for their homeland.

The Emblem

The official Emblem of the Republic of Lithuania is described in the 15th article of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania and the Law on the State Emblem. It takes its origin from the symbol of Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

There is a silver rider on a horse with a silver sword raised in his right hand over his head. In his left hand he holds a shield with a golden double cross on it.                                 

The Anthem

The national anthem of Lithuania - «Tautiška giesmė» (lit. "National Song"), was written by the outstanding composer and poet - Vincas Kudirka (1858 - 1899). First time the hymn was published in 1898 in the journal «Varpas» («The Bell"). The first performance was on November 13, 1899 in St. Petersburg under Czeslaw Sosnowski (Česlovas Sasnauskas).

Source:   www.lithuania.travel