Territory:      1,66 thousand km2

Population:    177,3 thousand people

Shamkir city gained its name from ancient equivalent fortress, ruins of which were stored in 20 km to the east of the town, nearby Mukhtariat village. Foundation of Shamkir town relates to V-VI centuries. In medieval ages, it was known with name like Shamkur. The town was allocated on Big Shamkir river bank, being flown alongside Small Caucasus. Wealth of the city always attracted attention of foreign merchants and invaders. Following regular crushing defeat, staying alive not numerous population had left Shamkur and lied for the night in 9-10 km from the previous inhabited locality.

In the area, it is stored remains of ancient fortresses: Shamkhorgala (XVII century) and Keroglugala (XVII century). The last name was given in honor of national hero - avenger Keroglu ( the present name - Rovshan), who had stood up in the head of rebels against feudal lords - oppressors and foreign conquistadors.

The city has still been serving elements, being existed prior to revolution, of German settlement of Annanfeld - straight streets and a church.

Agriculture dominates in the major economic activity of Shamkir region (wheat-growing, vegetable and fruit-growing and others). Moreover, the region produces meat, milk, egg and wool. Along with agriculture, the works are to be carried out in industry, construction and trade.

Shamkir accounts for such monuments as the Gabala complex constructed in 1975, the building of a Mosque constructed in the Duyerli village in 1975, the Gelebe complex constructed in Chynarly settlement in 1980, the memorials of January 20 erected in Shamkir, the Sarvan part of the city and Nakhyrchylar settlement in 1990, the memorial of Ashyg Guseyn Shamkirli erected in the city in 1991, the bust of Aliagha Shikhlinski, the Mosque constructed in Kechili village in 1992, the Memorial of Koroghlu erected in Mukhtariyya village in 1993, the bust of the national hero of Azerbaijan Zaur Sariyev etc.

Nowadays the town is growing. Here the tourists can find various parks, hotels, rest areas etc.

On September 10, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev participated in the opening of Heydar Aliyev Center in Shamkir. There is a gallery, 3D cinema, library, bar, translation office and a room for protection here. On the territory 7 modern typed fountains and 10 bridges were built, 742 meter long water channel was created.

On April 19, 2014 in Heydar Aliyev Center there was an opening ceremony of the chess tournament in memory of Azerbaijani grandmaster Vugar Gashimov.

Source: www.president.az