Territory:          83.00 km2

Population:       293000

Sumgayit was attached the status of a town by the resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan on November 22, 1949.

In 1939 the town had the population of 6400 people while in 1949 this indicator reached 17200 people.

The first boron product was received at the first department of the Boron rolling plant Stan-140 on the eve of the New Year in 1952.

The first plant of the petrochemical industry-the plant of synthetic rubber was commissioned in 1952 and the enterprise for the first time produced the ethyl alcohol in August of the same year and the synthetic rubber in September of the same year.

The department of the Boron rolling plant for the first time produced the ferroalloys on October 23, 1953.

One of the first plants of the nonferrous metallurgy started operating on March 8, 1955 and it delivered its first product the same year.

Along with the industrial enterprises a number of scientific institutions, many-storied buildings, cultural centers, schools and kindergartens were commissioned in 1957-1959.

Sumgayit accounts for 114 large state and private enterprises with 80 state establishments and 34 private ones. The state enterprises account for 63% of the production and private enterprises for 36 %.

The enterprises within the state company Azerkimya dominate the state enterprises. These are such plants as ethylene-polyethylene, Sintezkauchuk, Uzvi sintez, Active Substances, Mechanical repair.

The biggest enterprise by the volume of production is the plant Ethylene-polyethylene. It accounts for 42% of the total production of goods.

Moreover, it is possible to point out the machine-building, oil refining, light industry, building materials production and other spheres.

Nowadays the city continues the trend to growth and development. Special attention should be given to the following events.

On the 25th of February, 2014 there was an opening of the Azerbaijan factory for the production of paper and cardboard created within the "Azersun Industrial Estate" in Sumgayit. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the opening.  

This opens up extensive opportunities for the production of competitive and quality products in the country. The production process at the factory is fully automated. The establishment of the factory required major investment. It is the only such enterprise in the Caucasus. The "Azersun Industrial Estate" is also expected to operate a logistical center, enterprises for the production of plastic and special cardboard products.

On the same day there was an opening of Sumgayit Oil Factory constructed as a part of "Azersun Industrial Park". The most up-to-date equipment has been installed here, the latest technologies are being used and working conditions are very good. The products manufactured here are competitive ones.

In Sumqayit a copper processing plant was put into operation. Environmentally clean production of copper cathode plates by electrolysis and finished copper products will be organized here. The National Fund to Support Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economy and Industry allocated a preferential loan of 5 million manats for the construction of the plant, the total value of which exceeds 10 million manats. The plant consists of electrolysis, copper reception, smelting and vertical casting sections. The production process is fully automated here, which ensures the high quality of the finished product. The advantage of this technology lies in the fact that the percentage of oxygen in copper is reduced to a minimum level, whereby high quality cables are made. The conductivity of copper cables manufactured in this manner is much higher. These products are in great demand on the domestic and global market. In addition, using waste as raw material, the plant will contribute to the improvement of the environment. Important steps will also be taken to create new jobs by expanding the capacity of the plant and opening reception points.

There are resort and tourism zones, sport complexes existing in the city.

Some words should be said concerning the Nasimi recreational park in Sumgayit. It was created in 1967 and there rare trees were planted. In 1978, the park was named after the great Azerbaijani poet Nasimi. By the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic issued in 2001, this park of culture and recreation was included on the list of historical and cultural monuments of national importance.

Here is a special attention given to the development of such kinds of sport like Greco-Roman wrestling, power lifting and athletics, football, judo, box, volleyball etc. Also there is a chess school.


Source:    www.president.az