State symbols

State symbols

State symbols

State symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan are: the Flag, the Emblem and the National Anthem. 

The Flag

The National Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan consists of three horizontal stripes equal in length. The upper stripe is blue, the middle is red and the lower one is green. In the center of the red stripe on the both sides of the flag there is a white crescent and an eight-pointed star. 

Blue color has the meaning of Turkic origin of Azerbaijani nation, red color reflects the heading to modernization of society and development of democracy, and the green color shows belonging to Islamic civilization.

The three-color national flag of Azerbaijan was accepted by the government of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan on November 9, 1918. After the collapse of the Democratic Republic in April 28, 1920 and the establishment of the Soviet regime this flag was relinquished in Azerbaijan. Yet the flag was restored by the order of the Supreme Medjlis of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and was declared the national flag of the Autonomous Republic on November 17, 1990. At the same time the Supreme Medjlis of Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic petitioned to the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan SSR for recognition of the three-color flag the national flag of Azerbaijan.

The Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic considered the petition of the Supreme Medjlis of Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and approved the three-color flag the national flag of the Azerbaijan Republic on February 5, 1991.

The Emblem

National emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the symbol of sovereignty of Azerbaijan state.  The National Emblem of the Azerbaijan Republic symbolizes the independence of Azerbaijan. The national emblem is the image of an oriental shield and a semicircle formed by the branches of an oak-tree and ears resting on it. The shield contains the image of a fire in the center of an eight-pointed star against a background of the colors of the National flag of Azerbaijan.

On January 30, 1920 government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted resolution on announcement a competition of the best National emblem of republic. It was mentioned in the resolution that adoption of the emblem will be on May 28. But in the result of fall on April 28, 1920 of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic emblem wasn't adopted.

On November 17, 1990 Supreme Majlis of the Nakhichevan AR, after having discussed question on National emblem solicited Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR on announcement a competition for processing the National emblem of Azerbaijan.

Competition was announced on February 5, 1991 according to resolution of Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic. During 1991-1992 there were tens of projects of new National emblem, on discussions there were also suggestions on adoption on the projects designed in 1919-1920.

On January 19, 1993 Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Azerbaijan passed Constitutional Law according to which project of National emblem of 1919-1920 with some changes was adopted.

The National Anthem

The Parliament approved a law "On the national anthem of the Azerbaijan republic" on May 27, 1992. The law approves the "March of Azerbaijan", created by prominent composer Uzeyir Hadjibeyov and poet Ahmed Djavad in 1919, as the national anthem of the Azerbaijan Republic.


Composer: Uzeyir Hadjibeyov
Text: Ahmed Djavad


Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!
The heroic patriotic glorious land!
To die for you we are glad and we are ready!
If there is need to shed blood 
We are too ready!
With three color banner live happily!
Sacrifices too many done,
Every soldier to front has gone!
When your chest was field of battle!
Come back as a heroic son!
Let me see you flourish,
Let your enemies perish!
I love you, my dear land
Be mightier we do wish!
To safeguard your sacred land,
To hold high your honored flag,
All the youngsters are too glad!
Glorious land, glorious land!
Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan! 



Source:       www.president.az